HarvesTec Servce Co. Ltd is a share holding comparry, which esabished in Descember 2017 in Shanghai and shared by Liu Peng ex-Chena service manager from Wiheimsen Ships Senwice (UNTOR), Wang Hao Yong the GM from YH Marne & Li Jí Bo the VP from Golden Harvest

UNITOR is big brand name in Marnne Fire, Rescue & Safety FRSJ Servces, Manine Products, Chemicals & Gascyinders elc.

in 2006 UNTOR changed the company name to Banwil Unitor, in 2007 changed to Winelmrsen Ships: Service till 2017 Wlheimsen Ships Service merged the safety service department to SURMTECOROUP

Lu Peng worked for UNTOR staring from Oclober 2005 with the inital position as an apprentice. in 2006 promoived toAssisant Service Techmiaian 8 in2009 promoted to Service Techriaan then in 2009 promctedfo Semwor SemviceTechnian 2011 promoted to Asistant Sevice Manager 8 in 2013 promoted to Satety Service Manager . China, titoct 2017.

Wang Hao Yong estabised YH Maine company with aver 10 years history focus on Marine logsic & maera supphrfor customers wessels YH Marine also has a good fame arnd repueation within marine kogstic 8 supplysecorespeciaily in Shanghai areas. YH MRINE is one af supply agent of Withemsen Ships Service fou about4 years,

UJ Bo ís one t the intator ot Galden Harvest the pioneer of Marine matenal supply servce inChina and once beenthe No1 of this pan ot business in.Chuna

Our vision is to enable HARVESTEC being in leading positon of ships Fire-fighting. Rescue (LSA)& Safety Services


The Harvestec Service Co Ltd ofially oppened and a(as Palfinger Marine in-houseservice provider


Harvestec service up andrun. obtained ABS, BV,DNVGL, NK, KR classapproval & Youlong ,CSM Liferaft I manufacturer approval,


Harvestec wined the trust byGearbulk through the CO2 lowpressure system Full inspection,Repair 8 Refil Secured big customer" Dalian COSCOShipping Tanker" & winned two serviceorders of Foam system replacement